What makes us dream? Sets us on a path toward success or failure? Plants in us a belief or mania that we could become more than what we are? This episode will not answer such questions, but like all the others, it’s a start.

Artists: At World’s End

On this special baby episode of Questions: We Don’t Have Answers, Donovan “Death Before Dishonor” Grant and Harrison “Death and Dishonor” Chute are joined by Peter “Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider” Last Name of Dead Times to play “Where’s Waldo” but for the artist in the floating world of commercial cinema and TV, so often bound up by inescapable Chinese finger traps. … More Artists: At World’s End

How Do We Stand Up to ICE?

ICE, or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement is an organization that’s been in power since the Bush Administration, but has made headlines recently from its abusive and corrupt tactics in carrying out immigration laws. Harrison and Donovan discuss how this group came to be and why it needs to be stopped.

If Superheroes Were Real, Would the World Be a Better Place? (Round 2)

Continuing a conversation that began in the final days of the Battle Beyond Planet X, Harry and Donovan look at three treasury edition prestige format DC comic books from writer Paul Dini and painter Alex Ross – Superman: Peace on Earth, Batman: War on Crime and Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth – and address the … More If Superheroes Were Real, Would the World Be a Better Place? (Round 2)