Some things just need to be said. (We’re trying to find them).

2016: Guns of the Patriots
Racial Pride vs. Stereotypes
Is There a Morality to Sexual Fantasies?
When is Ethnocentrism Okay?
Do Celebrities Who Torpedo their Personas Deserve Second Chance?
Can We Be Proud of Our Sexuality?
Is Unbiased News in the Media Possible?
Are Fictional Characters Meant to be a Certain Race?
Do We Really Need the MPAA?
FEEDBACK for “Is There Morality in Sexual Fantasies”
Advertising: Makes Us See People as Objects?
GUNS…or, “Do We Still Need the Second Amendment?”
FEEDBACK FOR “Advertising: Are They Making People Objects?” and “GUNS: Do We Still Need the 2nd Amendment?”
The Aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election
RELIGION: Does it Unite Us or Divide Us?
Can You Be Outraged On Other People’s Behalf?
Is it Okay to Fall in Love with Fictional Characters?
Pride vs. Stereotypes ROUND 2
Should Quentin Tarantino reconsider his use of “the N-word” in his films?

2017: I’ll Never Turn Back Time
What does it mean to have American Pride?
Do Creators have a Responsibility to their Audience?
What’s up with Seth MacFarlene’s Sexism?
Celebrity Worship: YAY or NAY?
Did 9/11 ruin the Republican Party?
Did 9/11 Ruin the Republican Party PART 2 Guest-Starring Zach Joiner
What is PC Culture, and how does it help and hurt?
Is There Morality in Attraction?
Can Trying New Genres Save Lives?
Can There Be Trans-Racial Identity?
Why Do We Enjoy Violence in Media?
Which is Worse: Exclusion-ism or Tokenism?
What Does the Male Feminist Look Like?
How can we avoid Cultural Appropriation?
Why Do We Engage in Media Culture?
How do We Interface with “White Genocide”?
KILLING: Is It Ever Justified?
Catch-All: Sex, Race and Politics
How Can We Develop Progressive Iconography?
HENTAI: OK but why tho?
Should There be Limits to Storytelling?
How Do We (Cis) Do Better Engaging with Trans Issues?
How Do We Best Fight Nazis?
How Can Hollywood improve its Diversity Problem FASTER?
What does the future of Sexy Cyborgs look like?
What Makes People Vote Against Their Interests?
Celebrities, Their Opinions and Callout Culture
Should Superheroes Be Made Only for Children?
How Do We Sell The Future: GENDER EQUALITY
DATING: It and You
Has the Anti-Hero Time’s Passed?
How do Men become Misogynist?
Am I a Good Person?
How Do Creators Avoid Stereotyping?
The Possibilities of Storytelling
Escaping 2017
Escaping 2017 Part 2
FEEDBACK for “How Do Creators Avoid Stereotypes?” and “The Possibilities of Storytelling”

2018: Twilight of the Americans
How can we check our biases?
What will Romance Tropes be in the Future?
How Do We Make Friends?
What’s the Difference between LGBT Representation and Commodification?
How Deep Should We Critique?
Is Foreigner an outdated concept?
Dating: It and You ROUND 2 Guest Starring Cassandra!
How Do We Interface with Police Misconduct
Is There a Morality to Sexual Fantasies ROUND 2: Sexuality in Creative Art
How Can We Teach Empathy? (Or do we) Guest Starring STELLA!
The Recent Effects of Cultural Phenomena
“What about Bill Clinton?”
How Close Are We to a Post-Racial Society?
If Superheroes Were Real, Would the World Be a Better Place? (Round 2)
How Do We Prevent Male Entitlement?
How Long Should We Hang Onto “Problematic Faves?”
What Created Mandatory Patriotism?
How Do We Stand Up to ICE?
Artists: At World’s End
How Do We Teach America About Racism?
How Do We Get People to Vote?
How Can We Prevent Fan Entitlement? (Part 1)
How Can We Prevent Fan Entitlement? (Part 2)
Catch-All 2: LGBT Media, #METOO and ScarJo
Commando (1985) Commentary
The Shape of Outrage
The Shape of Outrage Round 2: Try, Try Again
Why Do We Tolerate Donald Trump?
Health vs. Freedom: What should the Government Prioritize?
Pop Hatred: The Zuck, the Musk, the Kardashians and More
How Do You Tell Someone That They’re Racist?
When Should People Leave the Church?
FEEDBACK for “How Do You Tell Someone They’re Racist?” and “How Do We Prevent Fan Entitlement?”
How can we Square Reality?
Where Would Halloween Be Without Horror?
What is Terrorism?
Where is Morality in Creativity?
Why Do People Vote Against Their Interests ROUND 2 Guest Starring Kelly!
What Do We Do When Icons Die?
Are there Boundaries in Music?
Escaping 2018: Year End Top Ten Lists (Part 1)
Escaping 2018: Year End Top Ten Lists (Part 2)

2019: The Hawaiian Breeze
Are There Things We Cannot/Shouldn’t Talk About? (EPISODE 100!)
What Is My Greatest Flaw?
What is the Ideal Masculinity?
What is a Race (or Gender) Traitor?
What is the Future of Online Sexual Expression?
Why is Anime so Weird?
Front Lines Online: Men, Women and Captain Marvel
When is Social Justice Dishonest?
What Taboos won’t be (taboo) in the Future?
Why Do We Engage in Media Culture ROUND 2: Media Criticism and Fandom -What are the Outer Limits?
Post-Podcast Discussion: Rappers and Mueller Report
Batman: How the Hetero-normative Patriarchy is Challenged by his Supporting Cast
What Are the Needs of an Adaptation?
Should or Can We Fix the South?
Talking Empathy ROUND 2: Weaponizing Empathy with Noah Berlatsky!
The Future of Romance Tropes ROUND 2 Guest Starring Nancy Northcott!
How Do You End a Show?
How Do You End a Show Part 2
Evangelion Pregame
Fall of the American Empire
Evangelion Episode Proper (True): “What Can Evangelion Teach Us?”
“What Can Evangelion Teach Us?” Part 2
How Can We Best Protect People from Trump?
Why Do We Like the Things We Like?
How Do We (POC) Engage with Misrepresentation?
Do Video Games Cause Real World Violence?
How Do You Translate International Pop Culture?
Culture of Intimidation: St. Edwards and the Harry Potter Conspiracy
Morality in Creativity ROUND 2: Chappelle, Skits and Comics
Why Does Social Media Suck?
Why (Do) We Love the Joker
What is the Endgame of Nationalism?
Am I [M] Ready for a Relationship?
When Do We Leave Fandom?
Why Does Social Media Suck HARDER?
Should We Care About May-December Relationships?
Millennials vs. Baby Boomers: What Needs to Happen?
Escaping 2019: Day 1
Escaping 2019: The Final

2020: Into the New World
What Are the Consequences of Nostalgia?
What Will the Future of Policing Look Like?
How Did the MCU Work?
What Will the Future of Female Representation in the Action Genre Look Like? (feat. Stella and Carolyn Cocca!)
What Are The Statute of Limitations Where the Dead are Concerned?
Re: Reboots
Do War Movies Work?
Today’s Sexual Expression, what will it be tomorrow?
How Do We Tell When We’re in the Apocalypse?
What Can Steven Universe Teach Us? (With Special Guests!)
The Politics of Healthcare: Interview with Dr. Alexandra Owensby
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Knocking on Heaven’s Door) Commentary
What Would Charles Bronson Do? (Death Wish III Commentary)
Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader Round 1: STONE COLD (Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith Commentary)
Archetype Reloaded III: Ghost in the Shell (1995) Commentary
What Relevance Does Superman Have Today? (Guest Starring Raph Soohoo and Jon Wilson!)
Black Lives Matter
Do We Still Need Gone with the Wind? (Formerly Birth of a Nation)
What Did the World Learn from Blade? (Blade 1998 Commentary)
Am I Nonviolent?
Thoughts from Another Man’s Soul: Jon Thicklin
Uncle Sam and the American Ego (?)
Mild Max
Feedback Episode! Re. “Am I Non-Violent?”, “The American Ego” and more
The Future of Policing..? (Demolition Man Commentary)
How Do We Get People to Vote (Round 2): 2020 Edition
Election 2020 Blues (Guest Starring Kelly!)
2020 Election Continued: What’s the Deal with Republicans? (Guest Starring Noah Berlatsky!)
Chadwick Boseman
If Biden Wins, what’s our Gameplan?
How Did We (You) Mature Politically?
The Jury Process (Runaway Jury Commentary)
Where are We Headed in 2020 and Beyond?
What Did We Learn from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? (Commentary) Guest Starring Stella!
The End…(?)
Where Lie the Limits of our Anger?
What’s the deal with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? (Commentary)
Why Watch the Watchmen? (With Noah Berlatsky!)
The Present and Future of Progressive Media
2020 Coda, Part I: The Death of 2020
2020 Coda, Part II: The Simple Things

2021: Beautiful Butterfly
What Did We Learn from Donald Trump?
Should the Punisher be Retired?
Republicans: Where Are They Now?
Will There be a Black History Month in the Future?
Deconstruction and Analysis: Did Steven Segal Kill the Action Movie Genre? (The Glimmer Man Commentary)
MCU DEFINED: Is There a Correct Way to Watch Movies? (Guest Starring Chris Johnson!)
Catch-All #3: Cartoons, K-Pop and Conservatives – THE CANCELLING
DC and Fandom: What does The Snyder Cut mean for the Future?
Gun Violence and Attacks on the AAPI Community
Where Might We Be Going with Science Fiction?
Agony and Ecstasy: Struggle Movies and Minority Representation in Media
When is Future? How far or short have we come?
How is the Biden Administration Doing? (Guest starring Noah Berlatsky!)
BestFellas: A Better Tomorrow 2 Commentary
Why is Anime so Weird ROUND 2: Guest-Starring TROOTH!
Trojan Horse Representation? (Best of the Best Commentary)
Where are we with Asexual Representation? (Guest starring Alex Jaffe and Chris Ceary!)
“History is like an endless waltz…” The discourse against Critical Race Theory
What Makes a Hood Movie? (Juice Commentary)
Re: Reboots ROUND 2
[Don’t] Dodge This! The Matrix Commentary
Icons: How Do We Distinguish the Good from the Bad?
How Do You Know You Are Doing the Right Thing?
What would the World be like without Bruce Lee? (Enter the Dragon Commentary)
Are We Post-9/11?
Anti-Vaxxers: What Do We Do About This?
At the Base of a Crucifixion: Alien Resurrection (1997) Commentary
Who Made Candace Owens?
What Genres will Survive the Future?
Parents and Teachers: When is the Line Crossed?
What are the Needs of an Adaptation ROUND 2
What is Media Literacy?
Year End Review 2021 Part I
Year End Review 2021 Part II
Year End Review 2021 Part III

2022: Past Expiry
Vibe Check 2022: Can the World be Saved?
Joe Rogan, More Media, and Racial Pride vs. Stereotypes ROUND 3
When Do We Need Violence?
What are the Tonal Limitations of Batman? (Batman and Robin 1997 Commentary)
“Don’t Say Gay” Bill and the history of Anti-LGBT propaganda in America – Part One (Guest starring Chris Creary and Will Ackerman!)
“Don’t Say Gay” Bill and the history of Anti-LGBT propaganda in America – Part Two (Guest starring Peter!)
“Don’t Say Gay” Bill and the history of Anti-LGBT propaganda in America – Part 3 (Guest Starring Joshua Lapin-Bertone!)
Has Pop Culture Shaped America’s Views on Abortion? (Guest Starring Kelly!)
Trauma, Empathy and Culture: How Do We Interpret Cults? (Midsommar Commentary guest starring Stella!)
What’s at the Heart of Toxic Masculinity?
How does Japan’s Treatment of the LGBT community compare to America’s?
How Should Satire and Subversion Work in Post-Modern Media?
What is your Comfort Media?
Down the Snyder-Brick Road: What has Informed Modern Online Fandom?
Winning the Culture War? The Present and Future of Modern Fandom
Kanye-Watch 2022: How do We React when Icons Betray Us? (Guest starring Jon!)
What will happen to the Spy Genre? (Goldeneye Commentary)
A…Happy Ending? The Public Defeat of Conservatism and the Deathknell of Twitter
Year End Rise, Roar, Revolt 2022 Part I
Year End Review 2022 Part II: The Cloverfield Connection

How Do You Disagree with the Mainstream?
Appropriating The Matrix: How Can We Raise Young Men?
Why is ‘Blue Bloods’ Still on TV?
Has Politics in Media Improved? (Round 3,056)
Why is Law & Order Still on TV? (Why is Blue Bloods Still on TV ROUND 2)
How Do We Fight Climate Change?


Protecting the Right to Abortion
Forgiveness as Exchange: “The Shape of Outrage” Follow-Up
Escaping 2018: Year End Lists (Post-Script)

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Dead Times – Episode 31 – Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002) Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003) (Harrison)
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