Questions: We Don’t Have Answers is a podcast dedicated to the wide and wild expression in the interest of solving problems. Of course, problems like ‘is killing ever justified?’ or ‘can you be legitimately outraged on other people’s behalf?’ will not be solved by two straight men chatting over Skype, so the idea is to brainstorm. And this might not be accomplished without stumbling and bumbling.

So when the podcast begins, anything goes. The hosts cannot be afraid to ask questions at the expense of their egos, any more than they can hold off on that potentially inflammatory remark if it’s the key to going further (luckily, they’re BFFs forever, so when it comes to outrage nation, there’s no power dynamic at play here).

We may come to our own conclusions, or even hold fast to those initially formulated. No matter how conclusive Donovan and Harrison might sound tonally, the whole of their opinions represents incomplete understandings. Nobody knows everything. But everyone knows something. This is why we need to hear from you.

Society’s ills will be fought by that society, logically, and so what we need is unity. There’s a puzzle, and we need to contribute each of the pieces we individually hold, come together and represent for that limited, but deep, slice of the world we solely experience.

You can do that by sending a Question, or leaving commentary of your own on an existing episode. You aren’t simply leaving feedback, you’re a creative contributor to the show, because as they say…

Your voice matters.

So please, give us a ring: qnoanswers@gmail.com

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Donovan Grant Harrison Chute
Writer, podcaster, media critic. Catch him at The Next Dimension: A Dragonball SUPER PodcastThe Hooded Utilitarian, The Batman Universe, The Comic Book Movie Revue. Currently living in the darkest timeline.


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