How Should Satire and Subversion Work in Post-Modern Media?

Marvel. Predator. Comedies. Action Movies. Sometimes played straight, sometimes played sly, these are examples of media with dual purposes. The guys go over Donovan’s fanboy whining over Thor Love and Thunder, Harry’s ponderous musings over the original Predator film, and discuss the successes and failures of modern animation, action films, and various other “subversive” media.

Trauma, Empathy and Culture: How Do We Interpret Cults? (Midsommar Commentary guest starring Stella!)

Stella introduces the guys to Ari Aster’s sophomore horror follow-up to the popular Hereditary: Midsommar starring Florence Pugh. Along the viewing journey, several disturbing scenes are flanked by questions of faith and community. How are we trained to interpret different cultures and customs?

Has Pop Culture Shaped America’s Views on Abortion? (Guest Starring Kelly!)

On Monday, May 2nd Politico leaked a draft from the Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in which the Court aims to overturn Roe v. Wade, reversing abortion rights in America. Kelly returns to the show to discuss the history of the courts and abortion, and the three list instances in various media of how the … More Has Pop Culture Shaped America’s Views on Abortion? (Guest Starring Kelly!)

“Don’t Say Gay” Bill and the history of Anti-LGBT propaganda in America – Part 3 (Guest Starring Joshua Lapin-Bertone!)

The third part of the anti-LGBT legislation discussion concludes with Don talking with Joshua Lapin-Bertone, a native Floridian who lays out the details of the Gov. DeSantis agenda and how harm will come to school-age children.