ANALYZE THIS: What Will Happen to the Spy Genre Round 2 Guest starring Stella!

Stella returns to wax poetic on her FAVORITE Bond film, Die Another Day! After discussing feedback for the previous episode, the trio dive head-first into the ice palace that is double entendres, Rosamund Pike and the tone of the Bond franchise. Stay tuned at the end for discussion on where the series should go next!

Harmony Achieved? Donovan and Harrison talk to a Conservative (Guest Starring Ian Miller!)

This week the guys bring on reviewer and podcaster from The Batman Universe Ian Miller to talk about politics, conservative style. The three men converse about republican politics, the benefits of a paid marriage and the social setbacks from the Sexual Revolution, and spar over Gun Control.

Appropriating The Matrix: How Can We Raise Young Men?

CW: References to Sexual Assault This week the guys return to the discussion of the radicalization of young men, with the recent rise and arrest of Andrew Tate as their case study. Human Trafficking, delusional conspiracies and role models are all part of the stew that bubbles into a rare disagreement between hosts! Is the … More Appropriating The Matrix: How Can We Raise Young Men?