Ukraine Support

Originally posted on With Eyes East:
There are 44 million Ukrainians, and throughout, their voices have gone unheard. I tried the first fund listed here, People in Need, but couldn’t make it past the form. I’ve never owned any euros; have your PayPal info ready. Russia-Ukraine Crisis/War: Info and Ways to Help Your first stop,…

Joe Rogan, More Media, and Racial Pride vs. Stereotypes ROUND 3

The guys (somewhat reluctantly) throw their two cents into the ring of the Joe Rogan-Spotify debacle, wading further into pools of Free Speech, arming one against misinformation and general media madness. Then Harry and Don return to the very first topic of the show and look inward, finding new understanding of themselves in a world … More Joe Rogan, More Media, and Racial Pride vs. Stereotypes ROUND 3

Year End Review 2021 Part I

It’s the end of the year, so we’re recounting the ten best works of media we experienced — movies, TV shows, books — and this time with a twist! Donovan and Harrison are joined by Stella of Batgirl to Oracle, who would’ve figured into the backstories of a number of entries anyway. Donovan starts us off with notes on two legends, the recently departed screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto and comics artist George Perez, diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. From there, we cover the things we missed before starting with our Top Ten lists, and then taking a detour to discuss a key Worst of the Year. … More Year End Review 2021 Part I