How Can We Best Protect People from Trump?

Your Good Friends are back from their escapist apocalypse to the very real one to check in on the impact of the president and the administration. Who are those most vulnerable in 2019 and is there anything we can do about it? Well, I got an answer, and it rhymes with “boat,” like the boat I’m gonna take back to Korea in 2020. For fuck’s sake, what a cliche — “vote.” Yeah, we’re not feeling so hot this week, reeling at both the human rights abuses and the seeming impossibility of American democracy rejecting the parasite of tyranny, whose envoy is only one part of a greater reaction to globalism. So, what are we left with? Is impeachment the fastest, strongest route? Can the immigration infrastructure be fine-tuned to best help people who need asylum? What can we do from now until 2020? Except for buy a boat? … More How Can We Best Protect People from Trump?

How Do We Stand Up to ICE?

ICE, or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement is an organization that’s been in power since the Bush Administration, but has made headlines recently from its abusive and corrupt tactics in carrying out immigration laws. Harrison and Donovan discuss how this group came to be and why it needs to be stopped.