How Do We Fight Climate Change?

On this week’s episode, Peter from Dead Times returns to discuss the slow-moving apocalypse that isn’t so much ever around the proverbial corner but upon us already, in a staggered arrival. We take turns sharing our own experiences with climate education before delving into the facts of the case, from the UN, NOAA, and the groups actively working to combat the problem. It’s a difficult conversation, and one that’s been going on at least since the 1990s. While there’s reason to be hopeful, it’s far past time we got serious about the realities. … More How Do We Fight Climate Change?

Republicans: Where Are They Now?

On tonight’s QNA: State of the Union (starring Ice Cube), the two podcasty boys are joined by a third! It’s Peter from Dead Times, with a most unfortunate field reporting on the other pandemic, the talky-type conspiracy hydra. In the immediate aftermath of the Trump presidency, the Republican Party is no less a threat, already off to the races blocking Biden’s policy rollout like they block phosphodiesterase 5, is nevertheless split between some unknown “old-school” establishment centrism and the existential (but so frustrating dumbass) violence of the fringe-o’s. For some of us, that war has hit home. So we ask, is QAnon the new hotness or does it have deeper roots? Who saves us from the Democratic pedophile endocrine takers? 9/11 is real. Worst doomsday cult ever. But like the Cyclones, They Have A Plan. … More Republicans: Where Are They Now?

Artists: At World’s End

On this special baby episode of Questions: We Don’t Have Answers, Donovan “Death Before Dishonor” Grant and Harrison “Death and Dishonor” Chute are joined by Peter “Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider” Last Name of Dead Times to play “Where’s Waldo” but for the artist in the floating world of commercial cinema and TV, so often bound up by inescapable Chinese finger traps. … More Artists: At World’s End