HENTAI: OK but why tho?

For the first time ever, Questions: We Don’t Have Answers is recorded live in front of an (unwitting) audience! The topic: Hentai and Japanese Sexuality. Donovan and Harry unite to discuss the shared DNA between Anime and Hentai, their effects on the male psyche and their views on women, the normalized pattern of sexual abuse in hentai, comparing and contrasting with American portrayals of women in media, the Nerd identity and the Chronicles of Gor. … More HENTAI: OK but why tho?

How Can We Develop Progressive Iconography?

In this episode the guys welcome Peter to discuss the recent and long history of the Pride Flag, and the current events in which it’s been altered. Topics include how the history of Gay Rights has been silenced over the years, bumped into other progressive activism, and how to further educate people for future generations. … More How Can We Develop Progressive Iconography?

Do Creators have a Responsibility to their Audience?

This time out the boys discuss the ongoing war between Creators and their Audiences, from all angles. What moral responsibility, if any, is owed by the creator? What should audiences keep in mind about them? What about the workers for hire, or the fans who turn into creators? A lot of television shows, movie franchises, video games and comic books are brought up as examples…because it’s Donovan and Harry. … More Do Creators have a Responsibility to their Audience?