If Superheroes Were Real, Would the World Be a Better Place? (Round 2)


Continuing a conversation that began in the final days of the Battle Beyond Planet X, Harry and Donovan look at three treasury edition prestige format DC comic books from writer Paul Dini and painter Alex Ross – Superman: Peace on Earth, Batman: War on Crime and Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth – and address the questions raised in these one-shot specials on how to effectively solve issues such as crime and world hunger.

To listen…click here!

Among the points raised in the discussion include…


That time when Superman rid the planet of nuclear weapons


That time when Superman captured Hitler


Why Batman doesn’t adopt every orphan he sees


Wonder Woman’s big ole eyes

aca9379865a647613e56b3d608de237f wonder_woman_truth dianaeyes

That time when Superman renounced his American citizenship


Trying not to compare to the movies


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Next Episode…”INCELS”?!!!

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