Should or Can We Fix the South?

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“BBC is, uh… a bunch of bullshit.”


This week, Donovan and Host Bot 2 are joined by special guest star April of Dead Times to talk about the American South, on our continuing tour as the World Warriors.

Music Selection
Raps A Hustle,” by Cormega
(I like this song, but wow, those lyrics)

Further Listening
The Midnight Myth

Further Viewing
How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump
Rod Serling on Censorship
The American South
Do Racists Just “Love Their Country”?
The “Lost Cause” narrative

Further Reading
‘White flight’ began a lot earlier than we think
How Urban Design Perpetuates Racial Inequality–And What We Can Do About It
Teaching Racism in the Classroom Handbook (PDF)
(The current state of affairs)
Glee captured all of its wasted promise in one character
Cracker Barrel

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