What Relevance Does Superman Have Today? (Guest Starring Raph Soohoo and Jon Wilson!)


Responding to a Video Essay by Al Jazeera, the guys welcome back Raphael Soohoo and bring in Jon M. Wilson to talk about the legacy, agony and ecstasy of the Superman mythos. Is Superman relevant, and is that a question that must be answered? How do the modern films contextualize the question?And what does all this say about humanity?

To listen…click here!

Topics include…

The Golden Days






Also this


Music Included: “Superman” by outcrowd, “Superwoman” by Lil’Mo feat. Fabulous



The Very Radical History – and Demise – of Superman

Superman and Atticus Finch

Akira Toriyama’s Editor Says “There is Nothing to Learn from Dragon Ball”

Snyder Cut Plans Revealed

Comic Book Film Revue Episode #30: Superman The Movie

Raph Does Stuff

Make Ours Marvel

All The Pouches

Return to Cybertron

The Natural Ones


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