Icons: How Do We Distinguish the Good from the Bad?

Battling tech issues, Stella returns along with a new angle on the conversation of Cancel Culture, analyzing specific case studies for examples of “good” and “bad” behavior. Do we leave those we used to love behind? Is it helpful to look up to others as aspirational? Comics, Sports, Comedians and Confederates are all discussed!

To listen…click here!

Topics discussed for this episode include…

Dying a Hero

Becoming the Villain

Style Goals

Scarlett O’Hara Stanning

Death and Return..?

Music Included: “Sweet/I Thought You Wanted to Dance” by Tyler the Creator

For this episode’s outtakes, click here!


Afghanistan Funds

Frank Miller Dropped from Convention

Frank Miller on Daredevil

Frank Miller Doesn’t Think Much of Occupy Wall Street

Frank Miller #StopAsianHate

Holy Terror is Anti-Islam Fodder

Hope Solo Accuses Megan Rapinoe of Bullying

Chris Evans and Keaton Jones

Black Women’s Love for Chris Evans

Disgraced Comedian makes Comeback Tour

Hail the Brendan Frasier Renaissance

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