Dating: It and You ROUND 2 Guest Starring Cassandra!


Harry’s pal Cassandra guest stars in this episode, giving her perspectives on love, dating and consent. What’s the point of dating when nobody is  match for you? Is it ever worth it? What pressures people into constantly dating?

To listen…click here


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2 thoughts on “Dating: It and You ROUND 2 Guest Starring Cassandra!

  1. I didn’t know the episodes have a comment section?!?!
    Just wanted to say that Cassandra was amazing in this episode, she made me realise how much the podcast needed a female voice. Maybe perhaps next time you could bring on a female guest on an episode about things other than ‘girly subjects’ like love and dating?

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    1. OMG! I’ll pass that feedback along to Cassandra — thank you so much! And yes, that’s definitely an issue Donovan and I grapple with: tokenism (with Peter, too, he was on twice for LGBTQ+ issues). No excuse for it, I think it’s just that Donovan and I are in love with each other and if we’re gonna have a third, they’ll be a specialist. But I think we’ve repeated that enough that we don’t have to do it again. (Fingers crossed!). I do want to have guests on for more laidback discussions


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