Pop Hatred: The Zuck, the Musk, the Kardashians and More


What is the nature of our hate? How do we do it? How do we come to feel anything towards things, both popular and unpopular? This episode begins in fresh territory (with the Kardashians) and only burrows down weirder paths, cataloging popular hate, general acceptance, memes and darker territory.

To listen…click here!

Topics for this episode include:

Success in Video Games


YouTube fame

Related image

How Jar Jar is like Ledger’s Joker


How Waynehead is like Ken Jeong

Image result for ken jeong

Pariahs in comics


Star Wars fans vs. Star Wars

Related image

Music included: “Friday” by Rebecca Black, “Weight of my Pride” by Pay Money to My Pain

Further Reading:

Mean Things Celebrities Have said about the Kardashians

TBU EXCLUSIVE: Devin Grayson on her Batman Universe Work

The Cottage Industry of Bashing New Star Wars Media

Steven Universe Beta Controversy

Next episode…Leaving the CHURCH?!!

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