What would the World be like without Bruce Lee? (Enter the Dragon Commentary)

This week the guys talk martial arts, with the look forward in a post-Shang Chi MCU and backward at a post-Enter the Dragon film genre. Surrounding the film commentary are discussions on the immediate aftermath of Bruce Lee’s passing, successors to his throne, “Brucesploitation”, Asian stars, and how things might’ve been different had Lee lived.

Agony and Ecstasy: Struggle Movies and Minority Representation in Media

*CONTENT WARNING* This episode discusses series and films involving Sexual Assault and Extreme Violence. Listener Discretion is Strongly Advised. As America seemingly turns a corner on racial justice, Hollywood is rounding the corner on racial representation, returning to the use of violence to put across the reality of oppression. But not all intentions affect equally. … More Agony and Ecstasy: Struggle Movies and Minority Representation in Media

The End…(?)

After four years of cruelty and ineptitude, Donald Trump has finally lost his occupation at the White House. Donovan, Harry and Kelly discuss their feelings during the five-part Election Saga, the mission going forward, and the darker, truer understanding of the call for “Unity”.

What Did We Learn from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? (Commentary) Guest Starring Stella!

*Ten Years after Miles Morales was introduced in Ultimate Spider-Man, the character has achieved worldwide celebration through the Oscar-winning animated film “Into the Spider-Verse”. Stella joins Don and Harry to discuss the discourse surrounding Miles, the controversy, and how the film makes good on media diversity.