Are There Things We Cannot/Shouldn’t Talk About? (EPISODE 100!)

*TRIGGER WARNING* This episode contains language people may find objectionable. In celebration of their 100th episode milestone, Donovan and Harrison return to the long-abandoned well of their original episode ideas, finally making good on a topic that’s been promised since the initial podcast trailer! Are there things we cannot, or should not, joke about?

How Do You Tell Someone That They’re Racist?

It’s the conversation we all fear, whether subconsciously or in the every day. How do you tell someone that they’re being racist? Start off by acknowledging we all are. But never should that be the final word… To listen…click here! Music selection by Thundercat, “Drunk” and “3am” FURTHER READING: “Why Talk About Whiteness?” “What is … More How Do You Tell Someone That They’re Racist?