Why Do People Vote Against Their Interests ROUND 2 Guest Starring Kelly!


In the aftermath of the 2018 midterm elections, the guys yearned to dissect what keeps white women a reliable contingent for Republican votes. Luckily they’re joined by Kelly, who shares her experiences and perspectives in understanding the history of racist safe spaces, coming into one’s political own, and knowing when to educate and when to leave people behind.

To listen…click here

Music Included: “Slow Dancing in the Dark” by Joji (Produced by slater)



“Mothers of White Supremacy: Q&A with Elizabeth Gillespie McRae”

“Stop Trying to Flip Female Trump Voters”

“Half of White Women Continue to Vote Republican”

“Move to a Red State and Join an Evangelical Church”

“Why Racist Politics Appeals to White Women”

“Not All White Women”

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