What Is My Greatest Flaw?

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In a roundtable, the hosts expound upon their worst attitudes, biases, behaviors, or instincts, in order to determine the pathways to do better. Featuring Special Guest Star Paisley of Team West Covina: A Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Podcast!

Also, in this episode, Donovan pulls a Harrison and loses a thought-train but miraculously immediately retrieves it. How does he do it??

This Episode Features


Harrison “I Like Big Butts” Chute


Paisley “Literal Consumption Under Capitalism” Juniper


Donovan “The Creative Crossroads” Grant

If you have questions, answers or anonymous feedback for this week’s hosts craving criticism, send your venom to qnoanswers@gmail.com, please!

Music Selection
Ugly Man,” by The Manhattan Transfer
One of These Days,” by Bedouine

Further Reading

“Are Traps Gay?” (ContraPoints)
Definition of “Flaw” (Merriam-Webster)
Equaling Genders” (The Battle Beyond Planet X)
Peter Singer Advocates for Animal Rights” (The Harvard Crimson)
Chasing Utopia” (The Hooded Utilitarian)
The Utility of Dimension” (The Hooded Utilitarian)
Revengecast (Friends from the Internet)

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