What Taboos won’t be (taboo) in the Future?


This week the boys discuss the past and future of social taboos, wondering which will switch positions in acceptance in the far off space age.

**CONTENT WARNING** This episode contains discussion on child abuse and incest

To listen…click here!

Taboos discussed in this episode include…

How fun and cool smoking looks


Voting for presidents who smoke weed



The Social Utility of the attraction to Sandy Cheeks


Defining Bestiality


Sonic’s Middle Finger


Music Included: “America’s Most Blunted” by Madvillain


Tobacco Smoking in Mainstream Comic Books (World Comic Book Review)

Reminder: It’s Not Okay to Sexualize the Cast of Stranger Things (Allure)

Common Cyborg (Granta)

Judge for Yourself:
Robert De Niro smoking (video)


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