Fall of the American Empire

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“Everyone needs to take a walk to the dark end of the street sometimes, it’s what we are.”
– Lenny Nero

This week, Donovan to the Stars and H.J.C. work out the most likely scenario that America “ends.” It’s not specifically an episode about answers, but of trying to identify cultural vulnerabilities within the hearts of Americans. For those listening along at home, this is the list of apocalyptic scenarios we were choosing from:

  • Military Conquest
  • Environmental Collapse
  • Nuclear Annihilation
  • Rebellion
  • Cultural Conquest
  • The Eternal Throne
  • Economic Conquest
  • Liberal Dystopia
  • Conservative Dystopia
  • Pandemic
  • SkyNet
  • Y2K2
  • Alien Invasion
  • Nostradamus

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Music Selection: “Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire

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“Good, Shinji.”


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