Next Episode Next Saturday…Until then more Guest Spots!


The guys have both been pretty busy since last episode, but plans for the third live recording are currently underway, scheduled for next week. Until then, try out some of their recent guest appearances of podcasts!

Both feature Donovan talking about Spider-Man (and the Green Goblin). First up, the Clone Saga Chronicles Podcast has finally finished the mission they began ten years ago in discussing the Clone Saga!

CSC Episode #72: Revelations Part 4 and the Osborn Journal Guest Starring JR

Next, Don appeared in two episodes of the Spider-Man Rewind Podcast, covering the transition from Steve Ditko to John Romita Sr!

Episode 036: Goodbye Ditko, Hello Trash (Featuring Donovan Grant!)

Episode 037: Goodbye Trash, Hello Romita (Featuring Donovan Grant!)


Feel free to check these episodes out, and stay tuned for the next episode on Evangelion!




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