Am I [M] Ready for a Relationship?

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How do we know when we’re ready to not manipulate, dismiss, lie to, degrade, physically assault the people we’re dating? No, it’s not a given we won’t do those things. It’s a given we will. Is there some sort of test we can administer to ourselves in advance of agreeing to the next privacy policy? This week, Donovan and his trusty harrison, aptly named “Harrison,” are joined by special guest Ashley Peterson, to reflect on relationships past and present and discuss their difficulties and developments with emotional maturity.


You can follow Ashley on her Twitter, see her art on her Instagram, support her Patreon, and check in with her campus newspaper, the CSU Saber.

Runtime: [01:08:12]

Music Selection
Irreplaceable,” by Beyoncé

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IT BEGINS AGAIN! (No, I’m just kidding, we don’t have a topic yet)

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