Escaping 2019: Day 1

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Looks like it’s that time again! Well, 2019 was a checkerboard of emotions, in that some squares were sad, some squares were angry. The key is to play your pieces correctly, turning some of those squares into happiness, or at least diversion. Perhaps that’s Chinese checkers. Regardless, Donovan and I (me, Harrison) are both big believers in the power of media, be it healing or escape or education. Big talk for John Wick 3, maybe, but don’t get me started. Or do, rather, as herein, cases will be made, tears will be shed, invites to join game will be sent.

Runtime: [03:07:48]

Congratulations to Raph on his recovery!

Further Reading
The Grace of Keanu Reeves,” by Angelica Jade Bastién
Hallyu across the Desert: K-pop Fandom in Israel and Palestine,” by Nissim Otmazgin and Irina Lyan
Knowing: Robin Williams traces the fame and isolation of a comic genius” (The AV Club)
In a Grove,” by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
Julie Estelle Vs Two Assassins – Night Comes For Us | Flo’s Reaction


Music Selection
Girl,” by The Internet (feat. KAYTRANADA)
레드벨벳 / Psycho,” by Red Velvet
Speak Now,” performed by Wendy
Cool World,” by Red Velvet

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Get Well Soon, Wendy!

Next episode, the crew talks disaster festivals, dishonorable mentions, Donovan’s music picks, and dangerous wives. Don’t miss out!

And finally, the Savagery of the Internet:


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