Escaping 2019: The Final

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The trilogy is complete! Donovan and I (me, hi, Harrison) start off with honorable and dishonorable mentions before diving back into the TOP FIVE. For the most part, we track in-character — I start out with a couple “aren’t women so cool” blah, blah, blah whatever, and Donovan is brought back to an impossible place, a forgotten place, with a triumphant return for Steven Universe in a three-pronged attack (trident formation). But then things get a little twisty-turny, a little Neon Genesis Evangelion, and you’ll just have to see how we recount the recent transformations in our lives, shaped as we are by invisible forces (streaming on Netflix).

Questions for the Listeners at Home
Far From Home by far the best Spider-Man movie?
Is Donovan the bottom in this relationship?
Heard you like Mudkips.

Runtime: [03:44:19]


Further Reading
The Hustlers at Scores,” by Jessica Pressler
JaxBlade (YouTube channel)
LOQUEESHA – Audio Review (Double Toasted)
Eunji faces – Sassy Go Go E01 (YouTube video)

Music Selection
It Might Be Time,” by Tame Impala
Mesmerize,” by Ja Rule (feat. Ashanti)
Come Over,” by The Internet
The Hills,” by The Weeknd
Posthumous,” by Tame Impala
Often,” by The Weeknd
Happily Ever After Song,” from Steven Universe the Movie
Cheer Up,” from Sassy Go Go
Hold On There,” from Sassy Go Go

Next time on Question: We Don’t Have Answers…


Is this the End for Harrison?

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