Today’s Sexual Expression, what will it be tomorrow?


Donovan and Harrison throw themselves headfirst back into the topic of online sexuality, reassessing the front lines of future sex, interracial dating, personal sexuality and everything embarrassing in between!

(There’s a lot of topics discussed throughout the episode before settling on some very personal reflection by the end, so bear with us.)

To Listen…Click Here!

Topics to pleasure yourself to…

Thirsty Tweets


Thirst Traps


Thirst for the FF7 Remake


Coloring Objectification


Can there be interests unrelated to sexuality?


Music Included: “Awkward” by Tyler the Creator



“The Future of Sex”

Slut Walk

Future of Sex AND Sexuality

In Defense of Final Fantasy XIII

YELLOW by Zoen Lam

How Polyamory Makes Me Insecure

Double Toasted: The Incredibles 2 Review

Double Toasted: Onward Review



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