Impeachment 2

We know what the verdict will be, and that’s frustrating. It’s infuriating, but specifically, it’s frustrating. It’s that same feeling from the doldrums of the Trump presidency, when the solution to impeachment or a probe into illegal dealings with a foreign adversary is to ignore them. I had never even considered that “ignoring a subpoena” was an option, but I’ll have to keep it in mind for next time. Throughout the last four years, I’d often think about how they keep winning — not just getting away with crimes, but cheating the systems, rolling back civil liberties, getting away with crimes (we’d had more “bombshells” dropped on us than Southeast Asia) and not losing voters. It just seemed like, “Wait a minute?” If the Republicans are as dumb as we say they are, and their voters are as dumb as we know they are, why can’t we figure out how to use that to our advantage? How do we look at the pieces they’re playing with and rearrange them to our benefit, because they’re juggling dynamite!

As the outcome of Trump’s second impeachment is a known quantity, it’s tempting to question the wisdom. I also wonder why “preventing his second run” can’t be solved by convicting him for any number of the many felonies easily proven by evidence we’ve all seen. I think it’s good, though, not just important, that the Democrats are staging this circus and framing it with the insurrection. They won’t get Trump — he’s ungettable — but think about those dozens of Republican senators who will vote to acquit the ex-president after barely making a case, and in the face of literally harrowing testimony (they were harrowed). This trial is about extreme conservatism, not one individual jerkoff. These senators have the opportunity to prosecute the boogeyman they’ve spent so much time mythologizing in order to further their divisive agendas. They have to say “Eh, it was no biggie,” and next time — this is all we can reasonably hope for — when they try to criticize BLM or Antifa, their hypocrisy finally manifests for some of these fucking voters. The pieces will rearrange, finally — explain how the bad one is good and the good one is bad? You can’t. Even a moron can get it.

“Politics. How tiresome.”
– The Prophet of Truth

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