Impeachment 2

We know what the verdict will be, and that’s frustrating. It’s infuriating, but specifically, it’s frustrating. It’s that same feeling from the doldrums of the Trump presidency, when the solution to impeachment or a probe into illegal dealings with a foreign adversary is to ignore them. I had never even considered that “ignoring a subpoena” was an option, but I’ll have to keep it in mind for next time. Throughout the last four years, I’d often think about how they keep winning — not just getting away with crimes, but cheating the systems, rolling back civil liberties, getting away with crimes (we’d had more “bombshells” dropped on us than Southeast Asia) and not losing voters. It just seemed like, “Wait a minute?” If the Republicans are as dumb as we say they are, and their voters are as dumb as we know they are, why can’t we figure out how to use that to our advantage? How do we look at the pieces they’re playing with and rearrange them to our benefit, because they’re juggling dynamite! … More Impeachment 2

The Manager, Please

In the leadup to our next episode, as yet without Question, I thought we’d try something a little different. An occasional feature on Vice Games takes the form of correspondence between two or more writers working out an idea, just the publication of an email thread. Because I need your help with some preliminary thoughts, I felt this format might suit us here. Also, it hearkens back to the very origin of our podcast, if you remember how we traded ideas on the first Google doc. If this ends up going nowhere or you’re not feeling it, obviously we can keep it published to Gmail, but otherwise I’d like to open it to our audience. I’ll take any perspective, and as much experience/expertise as possible. To the business — I need you to poke holes in a frantic theory. … More The Manager, Please

Forgiveness as Exchange: “The Shape of Outrage” Follow-Up

To recap, on the most recent Questions: We Don’t Have Answers, Donovan and I threw together a mess of topics and spoke to them as if we were clear on the throughline. We began with James Gunn’s unfortunate firing by Disney off of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, for which it was safe to assume he’d return to direct, we brought in the Arenanet scandal — another unfortunate firing, to say the least — and then considered Chloe Dykstra and the unfortunate non-firing of the talking dead himself, Chris Hardwick. But one case is clear cut and another raises issues that have been swirling around in Donovan’s head for a while (the shape of outrage), and were new and infuriating to me (this “but what you didn’t know, was James Gunn is good” that seemed to come out of nowhere). … More Forgiveness as Exchange: “The Shape of Outrage” Follow-Up