When is Future? How far or short have we come?

This week the guys go full-on navel gazing, pulling out the telescopes and searching for introspection, fearing that the path backward is only a hop and a skip from whence they came. A “flashback origins” episode of sorts, the Untold History of their Podcast Beginnings is revealed here!

To listen…click here!


Topics Include…

Harrison Chute ORIGINS

Spider-Man: ORIGINS

Politicking Podcasts

Music Included: “Changeling/Transmission 1” by DJ Shadow

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Folding Ideas: The Nostalgia Critic and The Wall

India’s COVID-19 Crisis Children’s Relief Fund


The Ezra Klein Show Featuring Natalie Wynn

Jay Allman on Perchance to Dream

The Major’s Body by Claire Napier

Spectacular WEBS Podcast

The Battle Beyond Planet X Episode 7: Archetype Reloaded

The Battle Beyond Planet X Episode 24: Casual Fridays

Spider-Man Crawlspace Episode 201: Jamie Foxx as Electro, Amazing Ends, Black Cat Harassment

Moon Prism Podcast: A Sailor Moon Show

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