What Will the Future of Female Representation in the Action Genre Look Like? (feat. Stella and Carolyn Cocca!)

In this special episode, Dono-chan, Harry-kun and Stella-san are joined by Carolyn Cocca-Senpai to discuss the female future of the action genre, with the tent-pole case study being Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn).

Why Do We Engage in Media Culture ROUND 2: Media Criticism and Fandom -What are the Outer Limits?

Donovan returns from the Batman 80th Anniversary Pop Culture Conference in Bowling Green State University and talks with Harry about media criticism and fandom. How do fans become proper critics, where does that take their fandom, nay, their sanity? Why do WE do this?

How Do We (Cis) Do Better Engaging with Trans Issues?

*TRIGGER WARNING* This episode lists off statics of sexual abuse, murder and violence for people in the trans community. Engagement with Transgender Issues is the topic for this week, and Harry and Don do their best to talk about the number of issues that have hit the news in recent weeks concerning the Trans Community. … More How Do We (Cis) Do Better Engaging with Trans Issues?