“History is like an endless waltz…” The discourse against Critical Race Theory

Donovan and Harry discuss the national conversation of Critical Race Theory, specifically the nature of its detractors and how the discourse lines up with progressive efforts from centuries past.


Topics for this episode include…

Was the Revolutionary War an attempt to maintain Slavery?

Histories of anti-progressive propaganda

Histories of anti-progressive propaganda cont’d…

Music Included: “My Country” by Nas feat. Millennium Thug


The 1619 Project

What’s Missing from the Discourse of Anti-Racist Teaching

When did African Americans get the right to vote?

Leslie M. Harris on the Revolutionary War and the 1619 Project

Slavery in Britain

Trump’s Media tactics echo Segregationist Strategies

MLK Quotes you won’t hear from the Media

The History of the Anti-Civil Rights Movement

Somerset V. Stewart

What Everyone Gets Wrong about Critical Race Theory

Next Episode…

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