What is Media Literacy?

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You know he says “The battle for the mind of North America” because it’s a Canadian film, right? This week, we take a look at the highway collision of media criticism and online discourse, so spawning a term for a new age: “media literacy.” Maybe you’re seeing it a lot, too.

This discussion covers the often autobiographical nature of media criticism, the purpose of art itself, and whether “Tank!” or “Battle Cry” is the better anime theme song. Either way, hating Batman and Robin is not a personality. It’s not The Glimmer Man. Art with social value often seems to be a reflection of the greater tides in society, rather than setting the terms. I’ve often said that if art can be dangerous, warping our sense of identity or the immediate character of others, it can also be useful. So is it?

This episode also known as: “World War I and Telephone Poles”

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Mysterious Night

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