Ukraine Support

With Eyes East

There are 44 million Ukrainians, and throughout, their voices have gone unheard. I tried the first fund listed here, People in Need, but couldn’t make it past the form. I’ve never owned any euros; have your PayPal info ready.

Russia-Ukraine Crisis/War: Info and Ways to Help

Your first stop, a directory for information and funds, including some listed below.


People in Need

“For those most in need, who have often lost everything due to the fighting, we are providing food, water, hygiene items and coal for heating in winter. Our work also focuses on repairing damaged houses or water pipes. We also provide psycho-social support and counselling to those who are afraid of further conflict, of the future or fear for their lives. In areas where there is no fighting, we help people to get back on their feet and return to a normal life. For example, we provide…

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