“Don’t Say Gay” Bill and the history of Anti-LGBT propaganda in America – Part One (Guest starring Chris Creary and Will Ackerman!)

With the recent surge in anti-LGBT legislation, the next three episodes feature guests discussing with Donovan and Harrison what this current wave of GOP-fueled homophobia means to them, why it’s happening and ways to fight against it. In part one, Chris Creary returns with Earth-2.net podcaster Will Ackerman to discuss all things both classroom and the Disney walkout.


To listen…click here


Music Included: “serve” from produced by melv, follow on Twitter and Instagram @ProducedByMelv



Pod Save America: Too Cruel for School

Dana Terrace slams Bob Chapek

Boys Beware!

More than a dozen States propose Don’t Say Gay bills

Don’t Say Gay bills aren’t new, just revived

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Earth-2.net the Show episode 1096

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