What are the Tonal Limitations of Batman? (Batman and Robin 1997 Commentary)

In celebration to Batman’s return to the big screen and the discussion of The Batman‘s dark tone, Donovan introduces Harrison to the Joel Schumacher Hollywood blockbuster Batman and Robin. Known the globe over for being lame, is there anything more to this plastic production than met the eye in 1997? What does this speak of to the superhero films of today?

To listen, click here

Topics discussed include…

Top Billing

Costume Flexibility

Girl Power in the 1990s

Bad Bane

Seduction of the “Innocent”

Music Included: “The End is the Beginning is The End” by Smashing Pumpkins


Batgirl to Oracle Episode 52

Earth-2.net The Show Episode 1064 (Every Batman movie Ranked)

Homosexuality in Batman

Joel Schumacher on Batman

The Contested Sexuality of Batman Part One

Batman and Robin – What Happened?

Batman: a Timeline of Cultural Crisis

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