Mild Max

This week, your favorite podcasters ever, Donovan Morgan “The Hammer” Grant and Harrison “Fred Williamson” Chute ask a very big question: “Why wasn’t it Sean Bean?” That’s right, chickens, we’re doing a commentary on the Mel Gibson/Roland Emmerich teamup classic The Patriot. You’re not prepared. … More Mild Max

What Would Charles Bronson Do? (Death Wish III Commentary)

This week, Donovan and Son Ha-ri watch a down-home favorite: Death Wish III. Join them as they grapple with the Big Questions which spin out of a movie that should be the worst in the world, but simply is not. It’s a film whose politics badly intersect with their lives as a young black male and a time traveling history student respectively, but whose gleaming surface stirs memories of beloved cult classics like Commando and Judge Dredd. Fellas, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride (no girls allowed). … More What Would Charles Bronson Do? (Death Wish III Commentary)