What Did We Learn from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? (Commentary) Guest Starring Stella!

*Ten Years after Miles Morales was introduced in Ultimate Spider-Man, the character has achieved worldwide celebration through the Oscar-winning animated film “Into the Spider-Verse”. Stella joins Don and Harry to discuss the discourse surrounding Miles, the controversy, and how the film makes good on media diversity.

Mild Max

This week, your favorite podcasters ever, Donovan Morgan “The Hammer” Grant and Harrison “Fred Williamson” Chute ask a very big question: “Why wasn’t it Sean Bean?” That’s right, chickens, we’re doing a commentary on the Mel Gibson/Roland Emmerich teamup classic The Patriot. You’re not prepared. … More Mild Max

What Would Charles Bronson Do? (Death Wish III Commentary)

This week, Donovan and Son Ha-ri watch a down-home favorite: Death Wish III. Join them as they grapple with the Big Questions which spin out of a movie that should be the worst in the world, but simply is not. It’s a film whose politics badly intersect with their lives as a young black male and a time traveling history student respectively, but whose gleaming surface stirs memories of beloved cult classics like Commando and Judge Dredd. Fellas, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride (no girls allowed). … More What Would Charles Bronson Do? (Death Wish III Commentary)