At the Base of a Crucifixion: Alien Resurrection (1997) Commentary

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Alien casts a world of cosmic horror that flips the script on sexual assault, and cuts through it with the strange journey of a lone heroine. Donovan plays moderator in a debate between two diehards on their most contentious issue: Alien Resurrection.

Which side will he choose?

Red Corner: StellaBlue Corner: Harrison
Likes: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 (sort of), Predators, Prometheus, Alien: CovenantLikes: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 (sort of), Alien Resurrection, Predator 2, AVPR, Alien: Covenant
Strengths: Media criticism, literary analysis, rhetoric/debateStrengths: Patriotism

This episode is about:

Do xenomorphs even have skulls?


Creature Design…?


The Alien series was so influential on everything I love, from Metroid to Halo to Mass Effect. It is a defining aesthetic. My appreciation for Alien has already been compared to The Matrix on this podcast — yet another thing Stella and I have in common! Why must we fight? Who let that Ken Watanabe in here?!

Man, cloning was everywhere in the ’90s.

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Next Time on Questions: We Don’t Have Answers…

ENDLESS OPTIONS FOR RENEWAL!! (not really, though)

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