Are There Things We Cannot/Shouldn’t Talk About? (EPISODE 100!)

*TRIGGER WARNING* This episode contains language people may find objectionable. In celebration of their 100th episode milestone, Donovan and Harrison return to the long-abandoned well of their original episode ideas, finally making good on a topic that’s been promised since the initial podcast trailer! Are there things we cannot, or should not, joke about?

Forgiveness as Exchange: “The Shape of Outrage” Follow-Up

To recap, on the most recent Questions: We Don’t Have Answers, Donovan and I threw together a mess of topics and spoke to them as if we were clear on the throughline. We began with James Gunn’s unfortunate firing by Disney off of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, for which it was safe to assume he’d return to direct, we brought in the Arenanet scandal — another unfortunate firing, to say the least — and then considered Chloe Dykstra and the unfortunate non-firing of the talking dead himself, Chris Hardwick. But one case is clear cut and another raises issues that have been swirling around in Donovan’s head for a while (the shape of outrage), and were new and infuriating to me (this “but what you didn’t know, was James Gunn is good” that seemed to come out of nowhere). … More Forgiveness as Exchange: “The Shape of Outrage” Follow-Up

The Shape of Outrage

No discernible question tonight, but a juggle of topics with our buddy James Gunn the tip of the spear. Reasonably, we didn’t set a metric for how high-profile people like Daniel Tosh became better men, and now we ask that question but with no language in place. For the co-hosts, too, a key disagreement on the value. This issue is intersected by a range of topics, like political correctness vs. “free speech,” pop liberalism, corporate morality, Republican hypocrisy, male anxiety over female power, creating versus assuming space, the morality of hatred, and the real difficulties of checks against systemic abuse. … More The Shape of Outrage