Why is Anime so Weird ROUND 2: Guest-Starring TROOTH!

*CONTENT WARNING* This episode discusses sexual abuse and violence against children . Listener discretion is strongly advised  The guys discuss the oddities of the East once again, this time joined by Trevor from the TROOTH web channel! Specifically, the three men discuss the contrasting marketability between what’s allowed in Japan vs. what’s sold to Americans. … More Why is Anime so Weird ROUND 2: Guest-Starring TROOTH!

When Should People Leave the Church? Guest Starring Michael Bailey!

*TRIGGER WARNING* This episode includes discussions of rape, pedophilia and sexual abuse. The famous Michael Bailey joins the discussion of the recent resurgence of sex abuses within the Catholic Church. The guys discuss their own Catholic upbringing, how they currently define their faiths, the mafioso nature of Catholicism, the sexual education of Catholics, and more … More When Should People Leave the Church? Guest Starring Michael Bailey!

The Shape of Outrage

No discernible question tonight, but a juggle of topics with our buddy James Gunn the tip of the spear. Reasonably, we didn’t set a metric for how high-profile people like Daniel Tosh became better men, and now we ask that question but with no language in place. For the co-hosts, too, a key disagreement on the value. This issue is intersected by a range of topics, like political correctness vs. “free speech,” pop liberalism, corporate morality, Republican hypocrisy, male anxiety over female power, creating versus assuming space, the morality of hatred, and the real difficulties of checks against systemic abuse. … More The Shape of Outrage

HENTAI: OK but why tho?

For the first time ever, Questions: We Don’t Have Answers is recorded live in front of an (unwitting) audience! The topic: Hentai and Japanese Sexuality. Donovan and Harry unite to discuss the shared DNA between Anime and Hentai, their effects on the male psyche and their views on women, the normalized pattern of sexual abuse in hentai, comparing and contrasting with American portrayals of women in media, the Nerd identity and the Chronicles of Gor. … More HENTAI: OK but why tho?