How Can We Prevent Fan Entitlement? (Part 1)


Donovan and Harry switch gears from the last several serious topics and go after their own in discussing fandoms and geek culture that went Too FAR.

To listen…click here!

This episode contains spoilers for Mass Effect 3 and Neon Genesis Evangelion


Topics for part 1 include:

The betrayal of the 9th Doctor


The betrayal of the 11th Doctor


The Audacity of Mass Effect


Bad Japanese Fans


The Battlefield of Video Games


Music Featured: Spoony Betrayal Song (Ultima)

Further Reading:

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Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life

TO BE (NOT) CONTINUED…eva_doritos01


2 thoughts on “How Can We Prevent Fan Entitlement? (Part 1)

  1. The whole Doctor Who transforming into a woman doesn’t bother me much one way or the other because I don’t get that emotionally invested in a TV show anyway. I will say that I’m not all that interested in seeing a female Doctor for the same reason I’m not interested in seeing a black Doctor. It strikes me as more of a casting stunt to generate social media hype more than anything else.

    I’ve got MASS EFFECT 1 & 2 and been playing MASS EFFECT for about five years now and still haven’t finished the game. Sigh. Don’t ask.


    1. You don’t have to tell me, man. I’ve been sitting on Metroid Prime since 2002. My soul is heavy with that one.

      But surely, too, there are crasser methods of generating excitement for a TV show than stunt casting?

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