Are There Things We Cannot/Shouldn’t Talk About? (EPISODE 100!)


*TRIGGER WARNING* This episode contains language people may find objectionable.

In celebration of their 100th episode milestone, Donovan and Harrison return to the long-abandoned well of their original episode ideas, finally making good on a topic that’s been promised since the initial podcast trailer! Are there things we cannot, or should not, joke about?

To listen, click here!

Topics for the episode include…

The quest for humor


Who gets to cancel Kevin Hart?


Queering the Simpsons


The targets of humor


Music Included: “Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)” by Betty Everett



“SNL Word Association”

“Jim Carrey Takes a Whack at Louis CK”

“‘Diversity Day’: Too Much or Not Enough?”

Homer’s Phobia on The Simpsons Archive

Janeane Garafalo on Louis CK

“When the Simpsons Came Out of the Closet”

“COMMON CYBORG,” by Jillian Weise



2 thoughts on “Are There Things We Cannot/Shouldn’t Talk About? (EPISODE 100!)

  1. The thing I couldn’t think of, the recent harangue that exemplified the right controlling the outrage narrative was the whole “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” bullshit. No liberals were actually talking about that, but liberal outrage was 24/7 news on FOX News

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