Evangelion Episode Proper (True): “What Can Evangelion Teach Us?”

Pictured: Donovan’s reaction to episode 20

Live in session for the third time, the guys talk resume their discussion about Neon Genesis Evangelion and all the subjects the show involves, including voice acting, character attention, male sexuality and the continual stanning of Misato Katsuragi.


To listen, click here!

Topics to consider late at night with the lights off include:

“Cool” Robots


Blue Haired Babes


Playing with dolls


Celebrating mothers


Music Included: “The Flow of Emptiness” by Shiro Sagisu, “Fly Me to the Moon”


It’s Gendo!

“Why is Shjini Ikari so Weird?”

Theories and Analysis: Sexuality in Misato and Shinji’s Relationship

Continued..NEXT TIME!



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