Morality in Creativity ROUND 2: Chappelle, Skits and Comics


This week the guys discuss the return and mythology of Dave Chappelle, more racism against Asians, language, hatred, and the use of violence in media.

*Content Warning* Transphobia, discussions of rape

To listen…click here!



Covering Jojo’s Auto Repair

Shane Gillis and the Privilege of Comedy

Defense of Shane Gillis

In Defense of Joker and its Repulsive Violence

Ken Jeong’s Netflix Special Feels Stale and Regressive 

Dave Chappelle Sticks and Stones Conservative Support

Women Write Comics: Superman Year One

A Lukewarm Defense of Fifty Shades of Grey (The Movie)

The “Cancel Culture” Con

The Greatest Korean Accent (Cuteness Alert!)

Next Episode…


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