Deconstruction and Analysis: Did Steven Segal Kill the Action Movie Genre? (The Glimmer Man Commentary)

Returning to the conversation of Media Violence, the guys chortle, chuckle and guffaw over the career of one Steven Frederic Seagal. The one-time Akido Instructor and current Russian citizen is discussed and “celebrated” in full, leading up to a commentary on the 1996 swing-and-a-miss cop thriller “The Glimmer Man”, co-starring Keenan Ivory Wayans!

What Would Charles Bronson Do? (Death Wish III Commentary)

This week, Donovan and Son Ha-ri watch a down-home favorite: Death Wish III. Join them as they grapple with the Big Questions which spin out of a movie that should be the worst in the world, but simply is not. It’s a film whose politics badly intersect with their lives as a young black male and a time traveling history student respectively, but whose gleaming surface stirs memories of beloved cult classics like Commando and Judge Dredd. Fellas, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride (no girls allowed). … More What Would Charles Bronson Do? (Death Wish III Commentary)

Do Video Games Cause Real World Violence?

This week, Kelly returns to the show to challenge the integrity of an old, old, old talking point so often trotted out in the wake of mass shootings (in that impossible space between “let the families grieve” and “politicize the tragedy”). How to explain the epidemic of gun deaths and massacres in this country? I don’t know. Ms. Pac-Man? Even though war veterans will tell you first-person shooters don’t adequately capture the trauma of combat (despite developers’ best… efforts?) and the sleeve-worn biases of ’90s-born moral panic, we’re back with the soft reboot of “video games cause problems,” which fell upon perhaps a new generation of ears, this time uncaring, Fortniting. … More Do Video Games Cause Real World Violence?