The End…(?)

After four years of cruelty and ineptitude, Donald Trump has finally lost his occupation at the White House. Donovan, Harry and Kelly discuss their feelings during the five-part Election Saga, the mission going forward, and the darker, truer understanding of the call for “Unity”.


To listen…click here


Topics discussed in the episode include…

Election Night Plus Four

The winner’s humility

Calls for Unity

How we move forward

Music Included: “If I Could See Heaven Without Dying” by Jneiro Janel and Scott Burton”, “Demon Days” by Gorillaz


Christian Picciolini

The Solution to Trump-Biden Polarization

The Navajo Water Project

Back Forty Mine Project

“Selena Montgomery”‘s Romance Novels

Raphael Warnock for Senate

Jon Ossoff for Senate

Donate to Planned Parenthood

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