Why Watch the Watchmen? (With Noah Berlatsky!)

Starting the Doomsday Clock countdown to the year’s last few episodes, Donovan and Noah discuss last year’s critically acclaimed HBO Watchmen TV series. But is it worthy of its accolades? Is it worthy of the Watchmen name? (Obvious Spoilers for everything Watchmen comic and show related)

To listen…click here



Topics include:

Noah’s history with Alan Moore

Watchmen’s use of Violence

Who’s your favorite Watchmen Baby?

The First Superhero

Stuff that’s not so great

Music Included: “The Brick” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, “I Am the Walrus” by Spooky Tooth

Donovan’s probably gonna start watching the Boys next…


Watchmen Tackles Police Racism But Can’t Get Past Tropes

Who Whitewashes the Watchmen

How Watchmen Misunderstands Vietnam

Jeet Heer vs. Watchmen

Next Episode…

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