Why is ‘Blue Bloods’ Still on TV?

This has been a long time coming. Almost thirteen years! Blue Bloods is a CBS juggernaut that’s developed a reputation for being your grandfather’s favorite show. It’s also perfectly symbolic of everything that’s wrong with the broader police procedural genre — when it’s lucid enough to even be coherent. It may not have the on-screen violence of its neighbors, but the racism and sexism and cultural relativism is so pernicious, quietly inflecting every moment of every last godforsaken episode. … More Why is ‘Blue Bloods’ Still on TV?

How Do You Disagree with the Mainstream?

It’s grating to be back! For our first episode of the new millennium, we’re taking a retrospective look at what once were new ideas and trying — sometimes failing — not to simply prove we’re not basic or whatever, or that we automatically go along with what everybody’s saying. No, we’re above that. Above being above. So, below, in a sense. That’s basically what this episode is about. Trigger warnings, cancel culture, defund the police, and more! … More How Do You Disagree with the Mainstream?

Police Abolition: The Misconduct Database

One of the tenets of police abolition is accountability. Police departments have been reluctant to provide statistics on misconduct, and federal efforts to collate data are too non-committed. So what can we do? Call on Congress, ask them to pass laws that mandate police accountability. Find your representative here, and consult this guide on how to talk to them. … More Police Abolition: The Misconduct Database

Police Abolition: The Experts

Found yourself in the throes of argument? This is a compendium of talking points, collated from experts on the matter of police abolition. The goal is to better equip you, dear listener-reader, with facts and expert opinions enough to confidently wade into what is for many a very scary conversation. A world without the police? There are a few approaches to that discussion, many angles and roundabouts along the way, so we’ll start with the conclusions, and then show the math. … More Police Abolition: The Experts