At the Base of a Crucifixion: Alien Resurrection (1997) Commentary

Alien casts a world of cosmic horror that flips the script on sexual assault, and cuts through it with the strange journey of a lone heroine. Donovan plays moderator in a debate between two diehards on their most contentious issue: Alien Resurrection. Which side will he choose? … More At the Base of a Crucifixion: Alien Resurrection (1997) Commentary

[Don’t] Dodge This! The Matrix Commentary

On a rare daytime recording of QNA, Donovan and Harrison reconsider a late 20th-century “classic,” The Matrix. Does it hold up after all these years? Long ago, we were saturated by Matrix imitators and parody — but times have changed. Maybe old wounds have healed, and indeed, we’re seeing more Matrix on the horizon. Is this reality? … More [Don’t] Dodge This! The Matrix Commentary

Trojan Horse Representation? (Best of the Best Commentary)

Per Donovan’s demands, Harry joins him in watching 1989’s martial arts sports film “Best of the Best” starring Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones and Sally Kirkland…or does it? The guys discuss what ended up being a vehicle for Martial Arts Master Phillip Rhee, the dynamics and tension of Korean Americans fighting Koreans, acceptable storytelling losses … More Trojan Horse Representation? (Best of the Best Commentary)

BestFellas: A Better Tomorrow 2 Commentary

What happened?! Tonight, Donovan and Harrison don their shades and dusters for a viewing of A Better Tomorrow 2, a true knockout — but for all the wrong reasons? A sequel to a bona fide classic, this semi-reluctant follow-up, with its tale of emotional amnesia, psychiatric rehabilitation, and killing 100 people in a house, is a bewildering ride. Through the eyes of director John Woo, we investigate themes of masculinity, foreign cool, and action violence. … More BestFellas: A Better Tomorrow 2 Commentary

Deconstruction and Analysis: Did Steven Segal Kill the Action Movie Genre? (The Glimmer Man Commentary)

Returning to the conversation of Media Violence, the guys chortle, chuckle and guffaw over the career of one Steven Frederic Seagal. The one-time Akido Instructor and current Russian citizen is discussed and “celebrated” in full, leading up to a commentary on the 1996 swing-and-a-miss cop thriller “The Glimmer Man”, co-starring Keenan Ivory Wayans!