Year End Review 2021 Part III

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This episode is also known as “I’ve Seen Many a Zombie”

We’ve arrived at our Battle of the Five Armies, famous Tolkien trilogy topper, counting down our top three. Personal growth, feminist musicals, feminist K-dramas, and the greatest anime of the year?

This episode is about

Ghost in the Shell 2: Simpocence

No Batgirl militants here, unless you count the Batgirl militia

The Art of Recommendation

Get those street hustlers into space

Highest Tension

The Girl with the Red Jacket

NFTanu Reeves

Runtime: [04:08:10]

Music Selection
Christmas in the Silent Forest,” Ilaria Graziano
Haus of Holbein,” cast of Six
Don’t Lose Ur Head,” cast of Six
Milky Way Between Us,” O3ohn
When I See You on TV,” Lee Da-hee

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06: Six (MusicalSplaining)
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