Vibe Check 2022: Can the World be Saved?

Back for more after an eventful month off, the guys discuss the state of the world and how it’s developed in the five years since starting the podcast. Covid, Book Bannings, Joss Whedon, Leftist Politics and more!

to listen…click here

Topics for this episode include…

From Russia to Ukraine (Without) Love

Protecting the present by preventing the present, or something…

Reading is FUNdamental

The Purist Left

The remainder of Donovan’s brain

Music Included: Pokémon Opening theme by Jonas B. Ingebretson, “Raedawn” by Viktor Vaughn


Run for

Liberal Teens vs. Conservative Parents

With Eyes East – Don’t Look Up Review

COVID-Vaccinations Information

Rambo, Riots, and the Radicalization of Veterans

Book Bans are Back in Style

Why Putin is so Focused on Ukraine

The Problem with NFTs

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