What’s at the Heart of Toxic Masculinity?

Reacting to a variety of recent events in the year, from Tucker Carlson’s mind-defying docuseries to the Uvalde School Mass Shooting, Don and Harry return to the subjects of the male ego, psychology, “Wypipo vs Black People” and their twisted sexualities in the search for the answer to how masculinity becomes toxic.

To listen, click here


Topics for this episode include:

The End of Men

Toxic White Masculinity

Ironic Sexism

(I tried hard as hell to find an ending clip from Fresh and came up short)

Certified Lover Boy

the only girls that we fuck with
Seem to have 20 different pills in ’em

21’st Century Animation

Music included: “Inititation”, “Glass Table Girls” and “Kissland” by The Weeknd


The Real Reason Tucker Carlson is Talking About Your Balls

Contrapoints: Men

Low Life

Race, Racism and The Cool Pose

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